Valentine fruit

First, the ingredients: 1. Mango Green 7 kg 2. Sugar (candies, sugar, sugar powder) 2 kg 3. Salt, a bowl Second, the steps: 1. Wash the mango green first. 2. Cut off the skin. 3. Cut the mango green to half. 4. Dig the middle white nuts. 5. Dig the nuts and slice them. 6. Cover the pulp completely with a bowl of salt + water and soak for 2 hours. 7. Finally, drain the brine and place the pulp in a cotton cloth bag and throw it into the washing machine for 3 minutes. Then with the flesh: sugar = three to one Proportion. Add sugar (no need to add water in this step). 8. Mix the flesh evenly with the flesh. 9. After putting it in the refrigerator for a few hours (can be put on for half a day), until the flesh softens and the sugar penetrates into the flesh, it can be eaten.

Mango flesh popsicle

First, the ingredients: 1. Fresh Aiwen Mango 1 2. Popsicle stick 2 Second, the steps: 1. Wash fresh Ai Mango. 2. Cut off all skins. 3. Cut the flesh on both sides of the kernel. 4. Finally, insert the popsicle stick into the pulp and ice into the freezer. After a few hours, freeze and serve.