Mango is the most representative agricultural product in Tainan City. There are more than 20 kinds of mangoes in Taiwan, especially the sweet and juicy taste of Aiwen Mango, which is favored by consumers at home and abroad. Every summer, Tainan mangoes enter into a prolific period. The quarantine operations of Aiwen Mango to Japan and South Korea also entered the peak season. In recent years, the export value has increased. The total export volume in 2012 reached 6,266 metric tons, the output value reached 15,320 thousand US dollars, the total export volume in 103 years reached 6,438 metric tons, and the output value reached 17,454 thousand. Dollar.

In order to continue to market Tainan Aiwen Mango to the world, 2019 Taiwan Mango Season – Tainan International Mango Festival “Summer Ruby – おいしい” theme, set with mango theme pavilion, celebrity mango garden, mango variety display, mango tasting, mango ice The store… and many other activities will expand the invitation to media, industry, tourists, traders and traders from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Macau, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia to participate in the event. Through the integration of resources for industry, culture and tourism, it will promote the development of local and urban tourism culture and international exchanges.